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HSE Supervisor - TOTAL E&P Russie, Khariaga ON SITE

HSE Supervisor
Job Reference no. 24273
Work location Khariaga, Russian Federation Contract period 12 months Closing date 30-10-2009


Kharyaga Phase 3 Project
TOTAL E&P Russie, Khariaga ON SITE

Position to report: HSE Superintendents, with direct link to Site HSE Manager.

- HSE supervision of Construction, Production, Maintenance, Logistics, TVX on daily activities and during the SIMOPS on all Kharyaga Pads and Kharyaga vicinities.
- HSE supervision of all Well Services operations and activities on all Kharyaga remote Pads.
- To ensure a proper implementation of the TEPR HSE Statement.

Number of subordinates: Zero
Rotational basis: 4x4 weeks

Job description ACTIVITIES:
- Supervise Construction, Production, Maintenance, Logistics and TVX operations and activities in Kharyaga pads and Kharyaga vicinities in order to verify compliance of TEPR HSE standing instructions and procedures. Perform supervisory duty at the level established by his hierarchy.
- Supervise Well Services Operations and activities in Kharyaga pads in order to verify compliance of TEPR HSE standing instructions and procedures. Perform supervisory duty at the level established by his hierarchy.
- To get information on daily basis from the other HSE members working on the Pads for the others Departments as Drilling.
- Perform, in a regular basis, Safety & Health inspections as part of the TEPR HSE policy.
- Perform weekly and monthly inspections of all safety & health equipments and ensure that they are fully operative at all time.
- Perform inspection of OSR kits and ensure that they are full equipped with all required sorbent materials and tools to be used in case of Oil spillages.
- Perform daily/weekly Toolbox meeting regarding safety & health issues in order to increase the safety awareness of the TEPR and contractors working on sites.
- Participate in HSE Monthly meetings on site.
- Participate in any other HSE meetings when necessary.
- Ensure that all TEPR and Contractor personnel working on Kharyaga pads and Kharyaga vicinities are wearing the appropriate PPE and that it is used properly.
- Coordinate with the Site Doctor in order to keep all First aid stations on Kharyaga remote pads proper equipped.
- Perform Safety & Health Training for all TEPR and Contractor personnel working on Kharyaga Site.
- Perform PtW training for TEPR and Contractor personnel. The HSE Supervisorr could be assigned as HSE Authority for Kharyaga remote pads in particular cases, as per Site Management decisions.
- Verify the proper implementation of TEPR PtW system on each Remote Pad.
- Ensure that all necessary gas check is performed if it is indicated as Safety precautions on the PtW form.
- Ensure the proper implementation and compliance of TEPR H2S Policy.
- Ensure the proper follow up / inspection of all H2S Escape masks, Portable Gas detectors, Gas Beacons.
- Perform training to TEPR and Contractors personnel working on Kharyaga Site regarding TEPR Anomaly Cards reporting system and ensure the implementation and participation of all personnel on remote pads. Keep update the Anomaly card database and follow up pending actions close out.
- Supervise and monitoring lifting operations carry out on Kharyaga remote pads and ensure that all lifting gears and equipment have been correctly inspected and certified before start any lifting / offloading of materials.
- Ensure that all Gas cylinders storage areas in Kharyaga remote pads are properly defined and are in compliance with TEPR HSE procedures and RF regulations.
- Perform Monthly Portable Fire extinguishers inspections on each Kharyaga remote pads and ensure that are fully operative and kept in good conditions.
- Inform to Maintenance department of any disability of the fire and gas detection system on remote pads.
- Participate as Fire & Rescue Team member – squad leader during emergencies exercises or real emergencies on remote pads.
- Perform maintenance and testing of Breathing Apparatus. Perform on site SCBA training for operators or contractors personnel.
- Perform weekly / monthly SCBA inspection.
- Perform, organize and participate in emergency drills, exercises and alarm testing.
- Supervise the proper disposal of hazardous / domestics wastes on Kharyaga Site.
- Ensure that all personnel arriving to Kharyaga Site already have passed the HSE Induction.
- Supervise that all jobs in Kharyaga remote pad is being performed safely and following safety practices as per TEPR HSE rules and RF regulations.
- Monitoring weather conditions (wind speed and temperatures, visibility) during execution of jobs on Kharyaga Site and inform to the concerned discipline Superintendent if there is risk of accidents.

- Reports directly to HSE Superintendent, with direct link to HSE Site Manager
- Frequent contacts with contracting companies working on the Kharyaga facilities.
- Maintaining established procedures and specialized technical standards is required.
- All work activities are spot checked and inspected at job completion.
- Harsh Arctic conditions.
- Able to do moderate physical efforts, walking and climbing.
- Skill as a driver in artic conditions is desirable

- To ensure that all personnel working in Kharyaga facilities are proper trained in fire / safety / health / environment protection courses as needed by TEPR HSE Statement and / or as requested by their department.
- To maintain Statement in Health, Safety and Environment protection training to all Total E&P Russie employees and contractors and ensure this is carried out in an effective manner.
- To ensure accurate reporting of incidents occurred in Kharyaga remote pads in a timely manner in line with established HSE rules and regulations.
- To ensure the dissemination of safety information and feed back through proper training.

- Strong autonomy is required.
- Good communication skills needed.
- Good knowledge of RF environmental regulation.
- 5-6 years experience in environment management on site in the oil and gas industry or similar.
- Good spoken and written English mandatory.
- Driving skills and Driving license is mandatory.

Other remarks Only Russian national candidates needed.
This role is a 4 weeks ON - 4 weeks OFF role ON SITE in Khariaga. Contract through Brunel Energy Russia. Please send your CV to
Mr. Sven Stork,
Information Mr. Sven Stork (

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