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Pertamina Hulu Energi ONWJ; various positions

Posting date: March 06, 2010
Expiry date: March 18, 2010

Pertamina Hulu Energi ONWJ

Pertamina Hulu Energi ONWJ is a global energy company committed to business innovation and environmental leadership. With the significant worldwide growth of PHE ONWJ s oil and gas business, the need arises for an experienced to join the team located in Jakarta.
A highly respected team offering leading edge thinking and works in partnership with the business to deliver the challenging business goals. This also offers the opportunity for flexible working in delivering such goals, values and performance, and is committed to your continual training and career development.

1. Provide leadership, handle communication and implementation of company HSE policies and initiatives through company fleet management services.
2. Manage company fleet, including pool/functional, operational cars and call-out services to support company transportation services, including transportation request for visitors.
3. Develop, mort and update agreed service level agreement (SLA) as performance indicator with metrics reporting for each company fleet which cover contracted equipments end supporting staff.
4. Prepare contest request fans with its scope of work, amendment or to extend contract with justifications when needed or cc business requirements.
5. Prepare end manage monthly report on related transportation activities & all associated coats, including review driver overtime.
1. Degree in any discipline, preferably in transportation management with at least 5 peers working experience in oil & gas Industry.
2. Possess strong knowledge in fleet management service and developing transportation contract
3. Good experience in cash flow management, mechanical and transport dispatcher

1. Construct various G&G maps and cross sections. Perform basic volumetric reserves calculation.
2. Integrate various geological, geophysical and reservoir engineering data to identify prospects of both exploratory and infill wells.
3. Provides technical presentation end reports on the work progress, interim end final assessment for approval by supervisor and submission to Management and Governments.
4. Interpret geological, geophysical and other technical Information collected from exploration end development
5. Performs velocity analysis, synthetic seismogram analysis, seismic attribute analysis and detailed seismic interpretation.
6. Performs G&G reservoir description and characterization, and constructs geological reservoir model.
7. Identify and estimate surface geological conditions, recommend the exploration activity program and reservoir management practices
1. Degree in Geology or Geophysics with at least 5 years working experience in oil and gas Development or Exploration activities.
2. Posses strong knowledge in Geological and Geophysical tools such as: landmark suites; Roxar RMS: Risk Analysis and Basin modeling software.
3. Able louse knowledge of geological principles to determine the location end size of crude oil deposits.

1. Deliver safe and efficient subsea campaigns with focus on project execution activities.
2. Mobilize assurance coordination, liaise with HSE, Marine, Operation, Facility Integrity and Subsea Operations Technical Authority.
3. Manage the provision of CSR and diva representatives.
4. Lead the execution stages of individual campaigns for subsea data acquisition, maintenance, and repair operations.
1. Degree in engineering (offshore engineering) with at least 4-5 years working experience in oil and gas industry.
2. Possess strong knowledge in and be Se to implement HSE handbook of requirement, safety standard, and procedures.
3. Experience in subsea operation.

Roles (Report to Project Lead) 
1. PE for fire & Gas
2. PE for Facility Improvement Projects
1. Develop and lead the team to deliver results.
2. Work with other project managers/leaders to ensure common (non-dedicated) people resources have clear expectations and time availability; Identify gaps and recognize/provide resources to flit those gaps.
3. Manage contractors in assigned areas to ensure they are brought into the project the appropriate time is provide support and/or support essential, end to ensure compliance with COMPANY safety standards and contracts.
4. Develop coal estimates, monitor and control costs; develop estimated schedule, monitor and control schedule; develop KPIs with teem.
5. Within overall execution strategy provide clear design basis, operating strategy, end scope.
6. Manage the aspects of project regarding changes is the project
7. Monitor end control project schedule and progress, including contracts
8. Ensures alignment to pm-established information management system.
9. Ensure quality by looking for value: Identity the drivers, push back as needed, and address the business needs as wet as the project needs.
10. Manage project risks.
11. Deliver project HSSE / integrity management.
1. Degree in engineering or construction management with at teens 7 years working experience is oil end gas industry.
2. Possess strong knowledge in project management system.
3. Experience in EPC project related to oil and gas industry.
4. Have good leadership skits to lead multidiscipline team in delivering project assigned.

Roles (Report to Project Manager): 
1. Facility Improvement Projects
2. APN Development
3. Reactivation Projects
1. Proactively demonstrate high degree of sophisticated decision-making /leadership struts needed to address the complex stakeholder groups end issues associated with lisle level of projects.
2. Effectively manage ongoing relationship with primary contractor - and at related vendors, suppliers to ensure their compliance with project contracting strategy.
3. Build end lad high performance teems; Develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)/Performance Plan/ Goats and Objectives for overall project
4. Manage overall Internal and external interfaces for project teem.
5. Develop, Implement and manage an Execution Plan, and lead execution strategies.
6. Develop critical coats and schedule estimates, address all critical project control elements, and. Cost /Schedule / Quality/ Rink Mgmt/ Info Mgmt/ etc.
7. Ensure the hit and proper implementation of execution strategy in FEL.
8. Develop end implement project contracting strategy that meets Execution/Contracting project goals.
9. Ensure the project team s compliance with all reporting requirements and establish delegation of authority within project teem for such reporting.
10. Deliver project in accordance with HOE requirements, and lead project teem personnel towards achieving this goat
11. Focus on business objectives or the big pictures of the project, above and beyond the immediate project goats.
12. Adhere to end promote by leadership the Management Framework leadership standards, including codes of ethical conduct, related to deployment of all business objectives.
13. Manage and define all aspects or risk and changed related to project
Specific Responsibility: 
1. Manage development, modification and reactivation project in company.
2. Manage design, engineering procurement and construction activities for project under frisker responsibility
3. Manage team and contractors 111sf assume responsibility for progress and qualify of the project from conceptual/appraisal stage through start-up stage sod performance evaluation.
4. Develop realistic strategy to complete the project within the approved budget and manpower tenets.
5. Provide project Information to management on a timely end regular basis. Advise the management on the status end critical issues involved in the completion of the project managed.
6. Develop and maintain good working relationship within PHE ONWJ and project related government personnel to obtain approval that affect costs and schedule of the facilities.
1. Degree in related Engineering and /or Construction Management with at least 10 years working experience in Oil & gas Industry.
2. Comprehensive knowledge of project management systems (preferably those who are certified in Project Management for similar).
3. Good experience in EPCI projects in Oil and Gas development.
4. Have a good leadership in leading multidiscipline team to deliver projects.

1. Support field production facilities especially on operational optimization, unplanned repair, facility debottlenecking advice and supporting day to day production operation.
2. Support TAR Teem in delivering TAR Capital Value Process.
3. Manage at offshore modification by providing project leadership, cost control, planning & planning, technical & commercial process.
4. Implement MAR/MAHAR/PHA findings and assist Operations to monitor MAR/MAHAR/PHA works.
1. Degree is engineering preferably in Chemical Engineering with at least 5 years working experience in oil and gas Industry
2. Experience in dl & gas facility design & operations, production and maintenance.
3. Possess knowledge of standard & codes end engineering principles.
4. Experience in using process engineering software.

1. Produce annual inspection plane, manage inspection activities, review end interpret inspection results.
2. Manage of pigging operations both of routine pigging and non routine pigging.
3. Assess the effect of any process or equipment changes on pipeline integrity.
4. Assess any deviation from design specifications or parameters prior to continued service.
5. Prepare technical integrity assessment reports which provide an annual fitness for purpose status of each pipeline.
1. Degree in mechanical, civil, process engineering or equivalent with at least 10 years working experience in oil field related to pipeline activities,
2. Possess knowledge of pipeline regulations, industry standards, integrity assessment methods, repair methods, etc.
3. Technical knowledge and work experience in pipeline risk management and analysis.

1. Support the implementation of pipeline integrity management system (PIMS), risk based inspection (RBI), corrosion management system (CMS) program, design phase of the new project or development.
2. Assist operation in selecting proper production chemical to gel best production performance, optimum flow and no scale to environment
3. Provide advisory, guidelines and any appropriate approach related to risk, and other related corrosion strategy.
1. Degree is chemical, petroleum and petro gas engineering with at least 10 years working experience in oil and gas industry.
2. Possess strong knowledge and troubleshooting skits is chemical system broil & gas production including corrosion, scale & wax prevention and emulsion treatment.
3. Possess strong knowledge in coating system from prepared on, standard (NACE, SSPI, ISO, etc), proper equipment for both sew and maintenance application.

1. Develop detailed cost estimate of every project or program
2. Develop conceptual coat estimates of project is program as early Information for budgeting purpose
3. Conduct benchmarking cost estimate process
4. Review and up-date coat estimate data an reference
1. Degree in engineering with at least 10 years working experience is 01 and gas Industry.
2. Strong shill in coat estimating and analysis
3. Fluent is English both written and oral.
1. Monitor and control all control committed and spending including procurement, engineering contractors, fabrication and installation.
2. Liaise with Supply Chain Management representative to develop required contract services to support
3. Estimate materials, resources and logistics costs of each work scopes.
1. Degree in engineering with at least 10 years working experience in oil and gas industry.
2. Possess knowledge in cost management, budget analysis and monitoring
3. Familiar with financial application and oracle.

1. Develop contract compliance monitoring system hr each contract.
2. Prepare AFE package document and monitor the process.
3. Monitor and liaise with PSCM contract engineer from the tender until the awarding stage.
4. Monitor expenditures & contract expenditures end provide monthly forecast spending breach individual contract at the beginning of the month.
1. Degree in engineering with at least 10 years working experience in all end gee Industry.
2. Possess strong knowledge in contractual end contract development
3. Possess strong knowledge hr BP Migas regulation especially PTK 001.
1. Develop & be responsible for process safety design of project end operations.
2. Responsible for the development of process safety management and activities for both existing operation end new projects.
3. Responsible for and facilitate risk/safety studies (it HAZOP) including reviewing end develop quantitative risk analysis.
4. Develop contractors scope of work, provide supervision end review contractor deliverables related with process safety engineering end ensure the design comply with PHE specification/code standard Sir project during appraisals end execution (EPCI).
1. Degree in engineering, preferably chemical or petrochemical engineering with at least 12 years working experience in oil and gee Industry.
2. Possess strong knowledge in oil & gas facility design and operation, standard & codes, engineering principle, arid using process safety engineering software
3. Possess strong knowledge in process safety design for project end operations life cycle.
4. Possess strong knowledge in process safety end risk management both qualitatively and quantitatively.
5. Show expertise to read HAZOP, HAZID and LOPA studies and other risk assessment methods.

1. Development of specifications, design, procurement, fabrication, installation, testing, and commissioning of subsea export pipeline and production flowline systems, and end terminations.
2. Preliminary design hr optimum routing, integrity, installation and stability as wells interface and risk management for at project phases.
3. Manage interfaces with project team, FEED & execution contractors and ensure compliance whit internal standards, industry guidelines and applications government codes and regulations.
4. Provide quality assurance function for all contractor pipeline engineering work hr order to achieve the required standard.
5. Provide detailed pipeline engineering study hr project of alt size.
6. Coordinate project pipeline engineering end interface with other function
1. Degree in mechanical or ocean engineering with at least 12 years working experience in oil and gas project engineering.
2. Capable of serving as Pipeline Lead on projects, including generation of detailed functional specifications and bid packages, perform bid analysis, review of design and test documentation, interface management, QA/QC end testing oversight, integration testing, pipeline installation and commissioning.
3. Demonstrated ability to drive incident free HSE radium.
4. Capable of managing contracts; monitoring and approving contractors plans, procedures, end work output knowledge of contract management procedures.
5. Demonstrated experience in selecting/managing large contracts; monitoring and approving contractor s plane, procedures, and work output. Able to anticipate and mitigate both internal and external technical /schedule risk.
6. Has good knowledge of economic drivers (including full field life cycle costs) end sees this knowledge to make or Influence decisions.
7. Demonstrated capability of working as part of a multifunctional asset teem, including vendor management (communication, coat schedule, MOC, etc.).
8. Possess strong knowledge in oil and gas facilities, standard, codes in pipeline engineering.
9. Good experience in pipeline repair engineering.

1. Coordinate the implementation of structural integrity management programs on company facilities.
2. Provide structural engineering consultancy in design, analysis, fabrication and installation of a new development or modification is existing structures.
3. Provide assurance that company specifications, applicable codes and standards for structures are compiled.
4. Provide structural engineering consultancy hr deity operations activities that have impact on structures.
5. Perform rink assessment end analysis on existing structures due is anomalies.
6. Comply with the Company safety, quality end environmental requirements.
1. Degree in civil or structural engineering with at least 10 years working experience in oil and gas industry.
2. Good knowledge of engineering principles, codes, and standards.
3. Possess strong knowledge in structural analysis software i.e SACS.
4. Basic understanding of HSE theory arid applications.
5. Good knowledge of inspection, maintenance, and repair methods.

1. Provide electrical engineering advices and recommendations for continuous electrical performance Improvements.
2. Develop end improve electrical engineering requirements and standards which comply with industrial standard, i.e: NEC, IEC, NFPA, IEEE, ATEX, API ETC.
3. Review engineering documents end project deliverables misted with electrical engineering end ensure the design comply with company specifications/code standards.
4. Provide inputs, recommendations and assurances on the comprehensive electrical engineering integrity throughout all company fields..
1. Degree in electrical engineering with at least 10 years working experience in oil and gas Industry.
2. Possess strong knowledge in oil & gas facilities design & operations, also master in electrical engineering standard & codes.
3. Strong knowledge in power system analyze and design, transmission and distribution, fire & explosion protective systems also hazardous area classification.
4. Familiar with electrical engineering software and tools La: ETAP, EDSA, CANECO, CALCULUX, ExSILintia ETC.

1. Develop and Implement company quality manual/inspection test plan is meet quality Industry standards for oil and gas industry.
2. Develop quality audit to ensure quality manual is followed.
3. Review technical/engineering deliverable to ensure the quality criteria is fulfilled.
4. Review and approve contractor project quality system/plan.
1. Degree in mechanical or structural or other related engineering with at leant 10 years working experience (PQA/QC) and 5 years working experience ) QA/QC Eng) in oil and gas industry.
2. Knowledge in quality Management System for oil and gas Industry and 1S09000 is preferred.
3. Experienced in quality System Audit hr Refinery or Petrochemical Plant works.
4. Review with industrial code/standard for oil and gas Industry.
5. Good leadership and has an excellent communications skill amongst horizontal and vertical lines in the specifications
6. Having a certification on QMS Auditor and/or one of equipment, welding is a plus.

1. Plan and coordinate site survey related with measurement & constructability that era to be carried out by fabrication & modification team and contractor as well.
2. Track and monitor the site survey implementations and cream the progress comply with plan and requirement
3. Review all the sketches made by surveyor and converted into electronic drawing (CAD).
4. Review drawing & material take off and ensure them comply with company specifications.
5. Keep and maintain engineering database raided with engineering standards, code and practices and control & manage fabrication and modification drawing database.
1. Degree in mechanical, civil or metallurgical engineering with at cent 10 years working onshore and offshore work experience in oil & gas industry.
2. Familiar with applicable codes, standards, regulation pertaining to welding/construction/fabrication of vessel, piping, structural, and pipeline.

1. Ensuring quality assurance of valve maintenance services in accordance with company s standards, procedures and industry standards.
2. Improving quality service in valve maintenance area to reduce unplanned equipment problems end sustain company production and operation integrity.
3. Develop maintenance technical documents and procedure and working in the field to ensure timely execution of the valve and instrumentation maintenance services as per recommendations, RCFA analysis end company s Generic Maintenance Strategy (GMS).
1. Degree in mechanical engineering withal least of 7 years working experience in quality assurance and maintenance engineering.
2. Possess strong knowledge in the operation and maintenance of valve practices including its workshop repair.
3. Engineering design experience and working knowledge of valves, process and piping.
4. Familiar with various valve manufacturers in Oil and Gas Industry.

1. Ensure quality assurance of electrical power generation, distribution, motors and other Ex electrical equipments maintenance in accordance with company s standards, procedures end industry standards.
2. Improve quality service in electrical area to reduce unplanned equipment problems end sustain company production and operation integrity through consistent review of maintenance data.
3. Develop maintenance technical documents end procedures and to ensure timely execution of the electrical equipment maintenance services as per recommendations, RCFA analysis end company s Generic Maintenance Strategy (GMS).
1. Degree in electrical engineering with at least 7 years working experience quality assurance end maintenance engineering.
2. Engineering design experience and working knowledge of power generation, distribution, protections in hazardous area.
3. Possess strong knowledge in the maintenance at electrical generators, distributions, protection, motor and & electrical equipments.
4. Familiar with various electrical equipment manufacturers in Oil and Gas Industry.

1. Ensure quality assurance of pumps, compressors, diesel/gas engines and safety equipment maintenance in accordance with COMPANY standards, procedures end industry standard.
2. Improve quality service in mechanical area is reduce unplanned equipment problems and sustain company production and operation integrity through consistent review of maintenance data.
1. Degree in mechanical engineering with at least 1 years working experience in quality assurance end maintenance engineering.
2. Engineering design experience end working knowledge of mechanical equipment end general knowledge about - equipment
3. Possess strong knowledge is the maintenance of pumps, compressors and diesel/gas engines.

You wilt be a self starter with strong Interpersonal and team working skills and will be fluent In English end Bahasa Indonesia. Forward your complete resume and recent photograph with interested position in your email address to:

Applications close 18 march 2010

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