Friday, November 6, 2009

Various Vacancy at PT. Petro Bangun Engineering

PT. Petro Bangun Engineering (PBE) is a local oilfield service company based in Indonesia. Our management team has 75 years of combined management experience and success, currently searching for highly qualified candidate for the following position:

Workshop Technician

- Minimum High School degree or equivalent in mechanical Engineering discipline or Oil & Gas service industry.
- Forklift Certified

Mechanical Engineer

- Minimum Diploma 3 degree in Mechanical Engineering
- Minimum 5 years experience in the chemical, oil, and gas related industry.
- Posses Fluid Hydraulics background experience.

Business Development

- Minimum Bachelor’s degree in engineering or business administration
- Minimum 5 years experience of business development in overall Oil &Gas industry (i.e., from down to upstream of gas business)
- Familiar and depth knowledge of Oil & Gas Law, Rules and Regulation
- Able to make Oil & Gas Business and Financial Analysis
- Experience in doing cross-border transaction
- Extensive knowledge of the market of the Business
- Expertise in new business development on all process ; target identification, screening, structuring, negotiation, and integration
- Work experience in top tier Oil & Gas companies is preferred
- Experience working with international companies and in multi-cultural settings preferred
- Strong project management skills
- Extensive network with government officials and individual companies in gas industry

Carbide Welder

- Minimum High School Education
- Minimum 1 years knowledge of general welding
- Qualification in mechanical, engineering discipline.
- Welder’s certificate.
- Forklift Certified
- 1 years experience to lay carbide

Fishing Supervisor

- Completion of High School or equivalent
- Experience of working on the rig floor both on land and offshore
- 5 years experience with Open and Cased hole fishing operations
- Strong operational and technical skills
- Good knowledge of down hole tools and fishing equipment
- Understanding of down hole conditions
- Knowledge of Drilling/Fishing and the associated tools
- Experience in the deployment of Whipstocks and Window milling

Tubing Supervisors (3 positions)

- Completion or certificate from a technical or trade school
- Minimum of one (1) year Coil Tubing or Thru-Tbg. experience
- Understanding of the rules and regulations on safe operation and maintenance of assigned equipment
- Knowledge and ability to perform operations on and off-shore with Coil Tbg.

General Requirements for all positions:
- Good written and verbal communication skills
- QHSE procedural knowledge
- Extensive equipment and product knowledge
- General computer knowledge
- Good Mechanical aptitude
- Fluent in English (both in writing and speaking)
- Strong Safety and Environment awareness.
- Ability to work on own initiative and within a team.
- Ability to follow a plan, read and follows manuals, and asks for guidance when required.
- Personal motivation and self learning ability.
- Effective communicator at all levels
- Ability in developing maintenance procedures.

Please send your application by November 15th, 2009 at the latest with POSITION ON YOUR EMAIL SUBJECT to
sales@petrobe. com

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