Sunday, September 27, 2009

HSSE Superintendent - Malaysia

HSSE Superintendent
Updated: Sep 8 2009

Employer: JadeClover Pte Ltd
Desired Expertise: Captain, Environmental Safety & Training
Experience: 3+ years
Education: Associates/2 yr Degree
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Job Description:
Manage the ISM/ISPS/ISo certification systems and conduct audits to ensure that system requirements is complied by all relevant parties
Conduct shipboard training for sea staff in their relevant areas to ensure compliance to the systems requirements.
Develop and maintain various emergency response plans including Health alert resposnse plan and submit to the regulatory bodies for approval
Oversee the health, safety, security and environmental requirements onboard the fleet to ensure the well being of the sea staff
Prepare periodic reports to be submitted to relevant parties including management of AET, MISC board and MISC CHSSE for reporting and decision making.
Co-ordinate and follow up with all relevant departments for corrective actions in times of non compliances to systems, customers and/or external audits requirements to ensure satisfactory closure of the non compliance issues
Communicate with vessels on company updates, port/terminal information and HSSE related matter to keep the sea staff updated on current requirements and status
Oversee investigations of all vessel casualties and conduct investigations on request of management to identify the root cause(s) and propose for corrective actions
Participate in recruitment interviews and briefing for senior sea officers and verify the work of Masters and sea staff to ensure competent members on board the ship
Perform any other duties as assigned

Qualifications & Experience
Degree in Transportation or HSE
At least 3 years experience with tanker management in the shipping industry
At least 2 years experience in a capacity of command onboard the ship
Exposure in a wide scope of marine and shipping related industries

Skills & Knowledge
Conversant in statutory rules and regulations governing the industry and requirements of Oil majors
Strong in written & spoken English
Possess basic management skills

To apply:

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