Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Principal Engineer (Analytical Supplement)

Malaysia's PETRONAS LNG Complex in Bintulu, Sarawak, is your choice of an efficient and reliable source of liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply. Backed by an impressive track record of LNG production and delivery spanning more than 20 years, the Complex has matured into the world's largest producer of LNG at a single location. The Complex takes pride in its ability to accommodate customers' needs and to devise innovative win-win solutions to address their requirements. Building on its reputation of a stable and reliable LNG supplier to the East Asian markets, the Complex is now well positioned to market the clean energy to the rest of the world.

Up to 23 million tonnes of LNG is produced annually at this Complex with natural gas harnessed from the Central Luconia area offshore Sarawak. Production is expected to grow in tandem with demand, given Malaysia large natural gas reserves. The Complex is an integrated facility where the upstream activities are directly connected to the downstream process, utilities, storage and terminal, and loading port facilities. All plant facilities are located in one area spread over 276 hectares, thus providing for timely schedules of production and delivery. Highly trained and experienced staff utilise state-of-the-art technology to tap the natural gas, process it into LNG and ship it to customers. The whole process - from receiving feed gas from offshore to liquefaction - is carried out at the eight LNG trains of the three LNG plants at the Complex. The three plants are owned by Malaysia LNG Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia LNG Dua Sdn. Bhd., and Malaysia LNG Tiga Sdn. Bhd. respectively, all subsidiaries of the National Petroleum Corporation, PETRONAS.

Position Title: Principal Engineer (Analytical Supplement)
Operating Unit: Malaysia LNG Sdn Bhd
Work Location: MLNG,Bintulu
Application Deadline: Friday, September 18, 2009

Consults, applies and provides implementation support of advanced knowledge in Key and Base technologies of skill area or skill group
Applies and implements specialized knowledge of Pacing and considers pilot application of Emerging technology in a particular area of specialty in projects
Risk mitigations continuously undertaken
Responsible for a project/initiative involving other disciplines
Focus on outcome - deliver operational & business impact/value
Project implementation issues proactively resolved
Provides technology advice to the whole organization.
Leads in peer reviews
Technical direction, guidance & advice provided to management and/or line staff in specific area e.g. technical support in trouble shooting, problem diagnostics, failure analysis; including recommending corrective actions.
Technical audits & benchmarking undertaken
Expertise provided in special taskforce(s)/initiatives
Lesson learnt/advisory imparted and shared across organisation
Anticipates potential problems and recommends appropriate solutions by reviewing and critiquing the conceptual project framework in terms of strategic technology direction as well as work processes in own skill area and related areas in skill group.
This role is confronted with uncharted situations, which requires novel, path-finding solutions through the development of new concepts and original approaches. Also extrapolate other people’s findings.

Minimum Bachelor of Science (B Sc) Degree in Chemistry or Applied Chemistry.
Minimum Working Experience of 15 years with at least 10 years in oil & gas industries.
Registered Chemist with a professional body is an added advantage.

Full-Time positions available

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